A day in Northern Italy

Lots of images come to mind when you think of Venice — its art, architecture, the canals, gondolas and… vineyards! Yes, vineyards!

Surprised of that? Then you may not have heard of Venissa, a one hectare boutique wine resort in the middle of the little-known island of Mazzorbo, connected to the more famous island of Burano by a small wooden bridge.

The Bisol family, renowned for producing high-quality Prosecco in nearby Valdobbiadene area, was chosen to restore this neglected city-owned estate, which has a walled vineyard and a bell tower that date from the 15th century. Together with the vineyard producing a rare white wine grape called Dorona, Venissa features a six-room hotel, a 1 Michelin star restaurant,  a more informal Osteria and a community garden supplying seasonal herbs and vegetables to the restaurants.

If you are searching for something different to see while in Venice and you are looking to enjoy a very special wine and delicious food, Venissa is the perfect destination for you!

Feel free to contact us for more info!

Luigia M.

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