Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coastal Route

Discover the beauty of Ulster, an unspoiled region that remains relatively undiscovered by tourists. Explore the Ards Peninsula and learn about its fishing tradition. Enjoy exclusive access to a privately owned estate. Taste local produce and fine whiskey. Now top it off with a visit to the new Titanic museum and you’ve just experienced the best of Northern Ireland.

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Veneto and the Dolomites, Italy

You’ll be wowed with this private culinary tour of Veneto and Dolomite mountains that delivers a rich experience in two extraordinary yet noticeably different regions. After arriving in Venice, begin in the Valdobbiadene, popularly known as the Prosecco wine region where family run wineries dot the lush hills. Then head northward to the magnificent South Tyrol where the Dolomite Mountains burst before your eyes. Many in the know have kept this area “a best kept secret” and you’ll soon know why. Yet, we have “opened the kimono” so to speak, to share with you a sample of the area’s notable culinary delights, while taking you through some of the most dramatic and beautiful mountain scenery you’ll ever encounter. So get ready to experience fabulous cuisine, magnificent scenery, top tier hotels, local hospitality and sincere warm welcomes that will leave you wanting more!

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Magnificent Normandy and Beyond

Exquisitely planned from end to end, our adventure to Normandy reflects the best of France.  Your tour begins with a very Parisian stay and continues via private driver en route to Normandy. You will be welcomed to an 18th century chateau and former private mansion. Plus, we’ve included many tour options to enhance your experience. In addition, your return back to Paris will remind you just how wonderful France is as a country to behold.

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