Dolomites & Veneto

On a recent FAM tour to the Dolomites and Veneto with Borghi Italia, we had the pleasure to experience the most beautiful villages of Italy.  The concept is to venture out from the big cities that we all go to, e.g., (Rome, Florence, Venice) and experience another side of Italy that is equally important to the culture and life of the country.

Italy is famous for its regional differences and we had the opportunity to see them first hand.  Our FAM began in the Dolomites which if you were not a nature lover, you will soon be.  I was awe struck by their massive strength and ragged beauty.  If hiking is your thing, than you’ve come to paradise.  The accommodations take on a feeling of being in the Swiss Alps.  It must be the practical thing to do to build in the Alpine tradition.  You will find some fine dining in this area as there is an abundance of pure water, rich soil and uber fresh air to produce the finest ingredients for food and wine.  We spent three nights in Val di Fassa and  Val Gardena.

From the mountains we descended to the valley of Riva de Garda, on the North end of Lake Garda.  There are some deluxe high end properties here like the Lido Palace Hotel and the Du Lac et Du Parc.  This area is a great location for biking as an the original road into town that hugs the mountain has been converted into a biking & hiking trail.

Next we went on to Cison di Valmarino for a history lesson on the first world war and the sacrafices that were made by this region along with the gifts that were bestowed to the victors.  One such highlight was the Castle Brando.

From Cison we headed to Asolo, a romantic town with sensualtiy.  The town’s ancient Venetian past gives it a look that lovers of art would appreciate.  Here you will find chic shops and restaurants along with some fine accommodations like the Hotel Villa Cipriani. This would be a great day trip or overnight destination from Venice. Next, we went the Municipality of Valeggio sul Mincio.  Another storybook place that is car free.  It is so charming that it gets hundreds of visitors daily, however, you should go as the setting is worth the visit.

Lastly we went to Verona where we overnighted and departed the next day to the airport.  One could easily extend time in Verona and the surronding area as there are similar Boghis to discover.

Many thanks to Borghi Italia for organizing the FAM, they had the difficult task coordinating the various region’s services, hence the explanation for the zig-zag itinerary.   Above are some of the highlights, in order to keep this short, I left off many iteresting visits, including a cheese producer, wineries, museums, fine restaurants and of course the obligatory shopping opportunities.